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The Brazil DNA Africa project

On Monday, June 19, 2023, the Palmares Cultural Foundation, PAHM’s partner in Brazil, received a special donation of 80 films from the Cine Group which provide a detailed overview of the lives of the people of Africa. The Brazil DNA Africa project aims to facilitate the return to Africa of 4.8 million Africans brought to and enslaved in Brazil.

The documentary talks about the African origins of the Afro-Brazilian population and addresses the trajectory of the millions of black people forcibly brought to the country, imposed on a system of slavery, whose consequences such as inequality and discrimination still echo today.

The films address, through their real characters, the heritage of black culture, racism, among other themes.
President João Jorge Rodrigues of Palmares, commenting on the films, reinforced the importance of the material for the Foundation’s collection as a way of strengthening Afro-Brazilian culture.

“It is of paramount importance for the strengthening of the Palmares mission. We have very rich materials on hand. The goal is to make everyone aware of what Africa means to Brazilians. The continent and Brazil have been directly linked for many centuries. We are very happy with this donation. It is a historic and special day. “Said Joao Jorge.

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