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Kojo Yankah is the visionary founder of the Pan African Heritage Museum. Mr. Yankah is Journalist, writer, cultural activist, communication specialist and scholar. He has worked in the public service of Ghana as newspaper editor, public relations practitioner, Member of Parliament and Minister of State. He founded the African University College of Communications in 2002, and chaired the Pan African Historical Theatre Festival (PANAFEST) for over a decade. He headed the Board of the Ghana Heritage Conservation Trust for another 10 years before founding the Pan African Heritage Museum in 2010. He is author of 10 books, the latest being “From Jamestown to Jamestown”, which he describes as the ‘journey of the Pan African’. He is widely traveled across all five continents, and loves reading, writing, and visiting theaters and museums for the history, the arts and culture.

About the Pan African Heritage Museum, Kojo Yankah is passionate: “It is time for Africans to write and exhibit our own story, our history, and our proud heritage – it is the only way to build self-confidence in our youth, for the future.”

Hon. Kojo Yankah

PAH Museum Founder

About Kojo Yankah

Kojo Yankah - Milestones

Kojo Yankah is the Founder of the Pan African Heritage Museum. He is also founder and past President of the African University College of Communications in Accra, Ghana. He has served as Chairman of the Board of the Pan African Historical Theater Festival (PANAFEST) for 10 years (1997-2007), as well as Chair of the Ghana Heritage Conservation Trust (2008-2018). Prior to establishing a university, Kojo Yankah served as Editor of the National daily newspaper, the Daily Graphic and Director of the Ghana Institute of Journalism. He was Member of Parliament and Minister of State (1993-2000) in the Republic of Ghana. An unapologetic Pan Africanist, Kojo Yankah has toured all five continents and has authored 10 books. 

He is Currently writing his 11th book: “2020 The Pain & Faith in Our Motherland” to document the state of the Pan African world under a Coronavirus pandemic

He considers the Museum “a necessary legacy to the youth of the world”.


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Kojo Yankah, founder of Pan African Heritage Museum

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The Pan African Heritage Museum, based in Ghana, Africa, is one more addition to the hundreds of museums across the world; it is distinguished by its mission to create in one site the heritage of a people from the beginning of world civilization to the present.

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