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The words of the great Pan African historian, Cheikh Anta Diop speak to a fundamental truth, that the success of the project to unify Africa is more likely to be achieved when Africans embark on a continent-wide debate about their past.

Diop believed the debate would lead to a discovery of the connectedness of African civilizations culturally, spiritually and politically across geographic space and time. He hoped this debate would establish a sense of “historical continuity” by filling the gaps in the public’s understanding of Africa’s past.

Imagine a place where the many—but little-known—stories about black civilizations are told and displayed. Imagine a place where the stories on how Africans in the diaspora survived and spread the cultures of the continent around the world. Imagine a place that celebrates the arts, sciences, religions and technologies of ancient Africa, the ancestral home of all humans.

Imagine a Pan African Heritage Museum.

Stop imagining. Soon, there will be two places—two portals to education about African heritage. The first Pan African Heritage Museum will be a digital virtual version on the Internet. This interactive site will be a model of a physical version, giving people around the world access to art, artifacts, and commentaries by leading scholars.

This will be the first museum to launch virtual version before a physical facility. The physical version, like the online version, will be the only museum in the world with a mission to tell the truth about the African origins of humanity and the impact of great African empires on the development of civilizations in the rest of the world.  

We have chosen to dedicate a site in Ghana, on the continent of Africa, to locate a unique museum complex—beyond galleries—where the world will experience a new education, new healing and a new inspiration. The ten-acre museum complex will include:

And next to the PAHW Complex will be:

It is appropriate that such a visionary institution be located in the Republic of Ghana, the first black African country to gain independence from European colonization. Since its independence in 1957, witnessed by an American delegation that included Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ghana has always opened its arms to the diaspora, beckoning the ancestors of millions who were kidnapped, and dispersed throughout the world, to return home.

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James Inedu-George

PAH Museum Designer

Mr. James Inedu George is a high-flying, creative and exceptionally  resourceful architect. Born on February 28, 1981, George is the Founder and Design Director of Hub City Ltd (HTL) Nigeria. He is a globally acknowledged designer with strong presence in Nigeria, Dubai, Melbourne and South Africa where his immediate focus is on Innovative Sustainable Solutions and Future Cities. Learn more from Source.

The Design

The unique design is the work of James Inedu-George, Designer of the Museum. 

The building’s unique form is in the shape of a Horn, which is synonymous with a trumpet, a musical instrument often used in religious ceremonies across many cultures. However, the Horn has special meaning in Africa’s ancient traditions and culture. In Africa, the Horn has historically been associated with the cow’s horn, the ram’s horn, and the elephant’s tusk, all representing great strength, yet great humility. 

The Horn

The African Horn is usually blown during special ceremonies signifying a message that something or someone great is coming. Choosing the Horn for the shape of our Museum will be a beacon to the Pan African family worldwide, representing the urgent call to gather ourselves in unity for true reconciliation and liberation.

Inside PAHM

The interior designs of the pan african heritage museum displaying various locations in the museum.

The Gallery

PAHM Gallery

Exterior Designer

The interior galleries depict the history, arts, and culture of the Pan African world, complete with a 500-seat theater and conference facilities, the Museum will feature four exterior exhibits of educational importance:

  • Garden of Pan African Heroes & Heroines
  • Palace of Africa Kingdoms
  • Herbal Plant Farm (with Chalets)
  • International Community Outreach Center

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