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African Civilizations

African (ALKEBULAN) Civilisation

What is the purpose of art? Why and how did humanity find it important to create art from the very start of our existence in Africa? The answer lies in an exploration of the art of African civilizations from Egypt to the kingdoms of Nubia and Kush, Benin, Congo, Ghana, Mali, Songhai, Zulu, Asante, Lori, and the Munhumutapa.

In this multimedia, immersive tour, visitors will experience the archeological detective work that went into an examination of expressions of art such as masks and statuaries, maps and archival documentation that led experts to conclude that the origins of art can be traced to a belief by all African cultures in the idea of one God or Supreme Deity.

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Part Two of the Exhibition

will be launched on August 30, 2022. This will include the following:

Africa’s contributions to sciences and technologies

Migrations and the making of the Pan African world

Narratives of Resistance, Rebellions, Revolution and Liberation

The Pan Africanists from 1900

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