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Africa: Origin of Humanity

The Origin of Humanity

What was it about Africa that made it possible for humans to emerge as a species on this continent? In this exhibition, based on archeological research, visitors will see archeological renderings of the first humans who walked on earth around 3.6 million years ago and witness the evolution of our species, Homo Sapiens (meaning wise man.) 

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Join us to experience the exhibition “Granaries of Memory” here in our digital museum. Our collective saved history and memories says a lot about our background and origins. Enjoy the exhibit.

Coming Soon

Part Two of the Exhibition

will be launched on August 30, 2022. This will include the following:

Africa’s contributions to sciences and technologies

Migrations and the making of the Pan African world

Narratives of Resistance, Rebellions, Revolution and Liberation

The Pan Africanists from 1900

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