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35 years ago, on August 22, 1988, the Palmares Cultural Foundation was born, which would become in a few years, a historical entity of the Brazilian black people, to fulfill the mission of promoting and protecting the material and immaterial values of the Brazilian Afro culture; Rescue historical, social and economic aspects arising from the black influence in the formation of Brazilian society.

“Since my inauguration as president, in March of this year, I have forcefully acted to rescue and reverse the harmful institutional damage caused by the past administration that undermined Brazilian democracy and all its institutions.

The quest to imprint a culturally bold administration, which listens socially, and responsibly values Afro-Brazilian Culture Makers, which expands and strengthens relations with African countries and their diplomatic representations in Brazil. In July (27), in Ghana, we discussed cultural cooperation between the Foundation and the University for an exchange program.” Said Joao Jorge.

In 2023, the Ministry of Culture (MINC), the Palmares Cultural Foundation (FCP), Itamaraty, the Embassy of Ghana in Brasília, the State Government and the Municipality of Salvador, in an unprecedented collaborative initiative, joined together to Reactivate Cooperation Culture of Brazil with Africa, in a return to the ancestral roots that unite Brazil and Ghana

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