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International Museum Day: First Digital Pan African Museum sees growth

Image from a virtual tour of the Pan African heritage Museum for international Museums Day

Since 1997, each year, the International Council of Museums joins the global community to celebrate 18th May as the International Museum Day.

According to the International Council of Museums, the objective of the International Museum Day is to

“Raise awareness about the fact that, Museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples.”

And this year, Pan African Heritage Museum which is the first of it’s kind in the world, is proud to join in the celebration as the museum sees growth in patronage just a few weeks after it’s launch.

The Digital Pan African Heritage Museum was launched in collaboration with UNESCO on 5th May, 2022.

The event was widely applauded by the international community as heads of states, philanthropists, and prominent organizations showed great excitement for the initiative.

Patronage of the museum is has seen growth since it’s launch in the early days of May. And the visitor experience has been super. Here’s what one visitor had to say after her tour;

“The content is rich, informative, visually stunning: a true labor of love!”

A visitor from London

As we join hands with the international community to celebrate the International Museums Day, we encourage you to visit and tour the Digital Pan African Heritage Museum now.


  • Rev. Sharon Lee Minor King Ph.D.
    18 May 2022

    HAPPY HAPPY INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM DAY! You are setting the PACE for others to follow with a commitment to Virtual Reality. The quality and attention to authenticity is unrivaled when it comes to bringing the AFRICAN artifacts into a more expansive and accurate timeline. As important, is the recognition of the MAKER as the primary focus, and storyteller of each community and era where/how the artifacts are valued. I look forward to many opportunities to explore your collection online, and one day, in person. YAY BOH!

  • Aubrey Mogase
    19 May 2022

    Important to preserve our stories. Younger generations should know where we come from. Failure to tell our stories we risk becoming intellectual refugees

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