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Governor of Cauca Province of Colombia confers the Highest Honor on Kojo Yankah

On the occasion of Afrocolombiadad Anniversary and the launch of the Pan African Heritage Museum in Colombia, the Governor of the Cauca Province has awarded the PAHM Founder the “Jose Hilario Lopez”, the highest state medal, the “leader of Panafricanism”.

In an accompanying citation, Governor Elias Larrahondo Carabali noted that the award, the “highest distinction” is granted by the Government of Cauca, and is “created by Ordinance No. 09 of December 18, 1973 and regulatory decree No. 203 of 1981, recalling the Law on Freedom of Slaves in Colombia of May 21 from 1851”.

He added that the Silver Medal is given to “KOJO ACQUAH YANKAH, humanist and pacifist leader, for his great promotion of African humanity and the African diasporas, descendants of enslaved people in the rest of the world – the identity debate, resistance against systemic racism, violence and cultural looting at all levels, as well as the search for new scenarios of international relations”.

The citation concludes that the decree confers the “JOSE HILARIO LOPEZ” medal, Silver category, on the Museum Founder within the framework of the commemorative agenda of the Month of Afro-Colombia, “promoted by the Regional Government”.

Dated Popayan, Cauca, Colombia, 19th May 2023

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