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The Kemetic were Africans because the civilization had a Southern rather than northern origin. The Delta was not the source of the Kemetic civilization. By 4236 B.C.E., WHEN THE CALENDAR CAME INTO BEING, THE IMPORTANT DELTA CITY OF Memphis had not come into existence. It was not until the time of Pharaoh Menes in 3200 B.C.E that Memphis was created. There is other evidence of the primacy of Upper Egypt in antiquity, as opposed to Lower Egypt. The most sacred region in Kemet—Thebes—was in Upper Egypt. This is where the pharaohs were buried even when they died in Lower Egypt.

It would be a sacrilege on the part of the Egyptians if their civilization and religious tradition had been born in the Delta. In that case, the sacred cities, ancestral tombs, and principal sites for worship and pilgrimage would have been in the Delta …


Victor Oguejiofor Okafur, Diop and the Origin of Civilization: An Afrocentric Analysis, Journal of Black Studies, Dec. 1991 Vol 22

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