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Ramses Mery Amon


Ramses II Mery-Amon User Maāt-Rā                                                 

(reign: 1279-1212 BCE)

Black granite, detail. Egyptian Museum in Turin, Italy. Pharaoh wears the blue crown kheperesh. Blacks: myth or historical truth?, Paris, Presence Africaine, 1967. Denis Capart, “L’origine africaine des coiffures égyptiennes”, 1956)

The circles appearing on the royal headdresses (khepresh) pharaonic are the stylization of frizzy hair. The use of braids is a typical feature of African culture from antiquity to the present day. Ankhonline 

  • 1279-1212 BCE
  • African Civilisation, Sculpture
  • Black Granite
  • 350cm in Height
  • Pan African Heritage Museum

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