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Pan African Heritage Museum Launches Digital Version – First In Africa

Pan African Heritage Museum

Presenting Our Unique Pan African Heritage To The World.

What: The Pan African Heritage World Museum and partners will launch the first digital Pan African Heritage Museum (PAHM). The Museum is set to be completed next year 2023.The Pan African Heritage Museum will create an environment for the people of African descent and all others to unlearn and relearn the true history, culture and civilization of Africa from the origin of mankind to present.

Why: To give the public a virtual reality experience of what is to come in 2023.

Who: H.E Mr. Diallo Abdourahamane (UNESCO representative in Ghana), Hon. Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Awal (minister of tourism, culture & creative arts, Ghana), Prof. Kofi Asare Opoku (Chairman, PAHM advisory board), Dr. Joseph Silver ( Chairman, PAHM International Board Of Trustees), Dr. Winani Thebele (Botswana National Museum & member of PAHM Curatorial Board), Prof. Olusola Oyewole ( Gen. Sec. AAU, Rep of Diaspora Africa Forum, Rep. of Diplomatic Corps.; All-Africa Student Union; Young African Leaders Forum).

When: Thursday,5th May,2022. African World Heritage Day.

Where: Hybrid event -TV3 Executive Theatre, Pan African Heritage Museum (YouTube, Facebook)

Contact: Ruby Ofori, PAHM Communication Coordinator:

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    10 May 2022

    Bravo; I look forward to our involvement worldwide .

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