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PAHM Canada chapter partners UNESCO Canada Commission, Canadian Human Rights Museum, others

The UNESCO Canada Commission, Canadian Human Rights Museum and National Gallery of Canada have agreed to partner the Pan African Heritage World Museum of Canada as it steps up efforts to setup a gallery on Black Canada to be part of the second iteration of the Pan African Heritage World Museum exhibition in February 2023.

The gallery will be in a format that features the two main languages in Canada, English and French, to best capture the history of the people in the various regions across the country.

24 Black curators from different regions in Canada will be showcasing the diversity of their craft – contributing their work to the exhibition. The curators will be responsible for spotlighting their region in the official language of their choice (French or English), to portray the uniqueness of their locale and its history.

Some Canadian historians will also contribute by documenting the true history of the people of African descent in Canada, all of which will be featured in the gallery.

Strides have been made to document the history of Africa with an aim to educate Africans in Africa and the diaspora, on their history and to bring true understanding and liberation to them.

The gallery will be a unique space where contemporary African history meets its historical antecedents for the perusal of the current generation and posterity.

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