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PAHM and Freedom Park Museum sign MOU

The Pan African Heritage World Museum of Ghana and the Freedom Park Museum of South Africa have signed an MOU to collaborate, among other objectives, in the conduct of exhibitions, and celebrate the history, culture, ideals and civilization of the pan African world. Specific areas of cooperation include sharing routine museum information, exchange of personnel for shorter periods, loaning of exhibits, joint organization of conferences, events and programs, and generally supporting each other in research and knowledge sharing. The MOU was signed at the Freedom Park Museum by Mr Kojo Yankah, executive chairman of PAHM and Ms Jane Mufamadi, Chief Executive Officer of FP Museum.

It was witnessed by Dr Bonile Jack-Pama and Ms Boshigo Matlou, both of the PAHM-South Africa Chapter. Also present was the Mr Masakalu Kabamba, Founder and Director of TPACEAFRIKA, and Nana
Nyarkoa Yankah, Administrator of PAHM.

PAHW Chairman Visits Freedom Park Museum, South Africa

Speaking before the signing, both Museum leaders expressed joy in seeing such collaboration take place in view of the common vision both museums shared. A tour of the Freedom Park Museum followed the signing event.

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