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What could be more urgent and more satisfying than reuniting a mother with her young, the children who were separated from her at birth?

Many people of African descent around the world have certainly heard of Mother Africa. When possible, they read about her and attend cultural activities in their area that celebrate their understanding of her. For just a moment, they get a glimpse of her great majesty, intelligence, warm wisdom, and unparalleled natural beauty.

We hope to remedy this disconnect through this project. 

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Hon. Kojo Yankah

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It is becoming evident each passing day that more and more information about humanity, about the beginning of world civilization, is unfolding. Each moment, one scientist, one archaeologist, one anthropologist, a historian, an academic, or a journalist, is publishing a researched material that the first Asian, the first Chinese, the Cheddar man, the first European, and many others were all African. Certainly, this raises a number of questions. Why were we told differently? What happened to the ancient Africans and their civilization? Who were the rich and wealthy African kings who straddled this earth? What happened to these African kingdoms littered in history books? What happened to the potency of African herbal plants and spirituality? Was Africa indeed a dark continent?  What or who made it a ‘dark continent’?…


The Pan African Heritage Museum’s mission is to create an environment for people of African descent and all others to discover and experience the true history of the origins of humanity, the development of cultures and great civilizations of the Nile Valley that influenced the past, informs the present, and will shape the future, serving as an inspiration for generations to come.


The Pan African Heritage Museum’s vision is to become the perpetual site of pilgrimage for Africans, people of African descent and others, for education, healing and inspiration



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The interior designs of the pan african heritage museum displaying various locations in the museum.

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Why is Heritage important? “Heritage is a person’s unique, inherited sense of family identity: the values, traditions, culture, and artifacts handed

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