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Founder’s Welcome Message

Kojo Yankah, founder of Pan African Heritage Museum

It is becoming evident each passing day that more and more information about humanity, about the beginning of world civilization, is unfolding. Each moment, one scientist, one archaeologist, one anthropologist, a historian, an academic, or a journalist, is publishing a researched material that the first Asian, the first Chinese, the Cheddar man, the first European, and many others were all African. Certainly, this raises a number of questions. Why were we told differently? What happened to the ancient Africans and their civilization? Who were the rich and wealthy African kings who straddled this earth? What happened to these African kingdoms littered in history books? What happened to the potency of African herbal plants and spirituality? Was Africa indeed a dark continent?  What or who made it a ‘dark continent’?…

And yet, we learn that medicine, science, technology, art, and philosophy existed and still exist very strongly in Africa. What caused the separation of Africans to all corners of the world? Is it an accident that we all suffered from Mis-Education – about ourselves, and about others? It becomes an obligation, indeed a sacred duty, for a mission to be initiated to bring the HIDDEN PAGES of Africa’s history, art, culture, philosophy and ideals out into the open and exhibit them in a space on the continent of Africa. It will be a contribution to the understanding of world history and culture. It will unearth information that will be the subject for creating awareness about a people who know very little about themselves. It will give the youth of the world a reason to question further the environment in which they live.

The heritage of a people defines them. A story written by a conqueror cannot be the story of the conquered. The story of a hunter will definitely not be the story of the hunted. It is always fair to know both sides of the story. The Pan African Heritage Museum, based in Ghana, Africa, is one more addition to the hundreds of museums across the world; it is distinguished by its mission to create in one site the heritage of a people from the beginning of world civilization to the present. It is UNIQUE for its vision, scope, and location on a hill; but even more relevant, it is created to Educate, Heal and Inspire generations to come! It is our contribution to the creation of a better humanity! I welcome you to be a part of this unique journey! 

By: Hon. Kojo Yankah

PAHM Founder

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