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275-250 BC. AD: Akamai. Moving the royal necropolis of Nuri to Meroe further south, well above the 5th cataract. 250 BC J.-C. – 50ap. AD: Arnekhamani, Adikhalamani, Arkamani II, Candace Shanadakheto, Tanéyidamani, Teriteqas, Candace Amanichakhéto, Natakamani, Candace Amanitore, Chorkarer. Meroitic inscriptions of Naga, among the oldest known: under the reign of Candace Shanadakheto. 24 AD, Meroe attacks Philae and Elephantine. Rome campaigns against Napata.300 AD J.-C., Campaign of the Kingdom of Aksum against Meroe. End of the Kingdom of Kush.

  • African Civilisation
  • 350cm in height
  • Pan African Heritage Museum

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