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About Pan African Heritage Museum - PAHM

After Centuries of Separation, Peoples of African Descent have an obligation to share a Common space to bridge the wide gap that has existed among them through deliberate mis-education and historical suppression. There is an urgent need for the Youth of today and tomorrow to inspire themselves with the rich history, achievements, and civilization of black people.

It is time for Africans and its Diaspora to share the knowledge of their own ancestors and historians. There is abundant research that confirms that human creation and world civilization began with the African. People of black descent should know this and tell their own story.

It is also imperative for all Africans and its Diaspora to work together to support the African Union’s Agenda 2063 in its efforts to build a United States of Africa. Such Unity will uplift the sense of self confidence in the African.

Ghana has been chosen for location of this Pan African Heritage Museum project because of its leadership as a beacon of liberation on the continent; and also for its long association with the Diaspora world. PAHM is registered as Pan African Heritage World (PAHW) Museum, an international Non Governmental Organization.

Hon. Kojo Yankah

PAH Museum Founder

Welcome Message

It is becoming evident each passing day that more and more information about humanity, about the beginning of world civilization, is unfolding. Each moment, one scientist, one archaeologist, one anthropologist, a historian, an academic, or a journalist, is publishing a researched material that the first Asian, the first Chinese, the Cheddar man, the first European, and many others were all African. Certainly, this raises a number of questions. Why were we told differently? What happened to the ancient Africans and their civilization? Who were the rich and wealthy African kings who straddled this earth? What happened to these African kingdoms littered in history books? What happened to the potency of African herbal plants and spirituality? Was Africa indeed a dark continent?  What or who made it a ‘dark continent’?…

And yet, we learn that medicine, science, technology, art, and philosophy existed and still exist very strongly in Africa. What caused the separation of Africans to all corners of the world? Is it an accident that we all suffered from Mis-Education – about ourselves, and about others? It becomes an obligation, indeed a sacred duty, for a mission to be initiated to bring the HIDDEN PAGES of Africa’s history, art, culture, philosophy and ideals out into the open and exhibit them in a space on the continent of Africa. It will be a contribution to the understanding of world history and culture. It will unearth information that will be the subject for creating awareness about a people who know very little about themselves. It will give the youth of the world a reason to question further the environment in which they live. The heritage of a people defines them. A story written by a conqueror cannot be the story of the conquered. The story of a hunter will definitely not be the story of the hunted. It is always fair to know both sides of the story. The Pan African Heritage Museum, based in Ghana, Africa, is one more addition to the hundreds of museums across the world; it is distinguished by its mission to create in one site the heritage of a people from the beginning of world civilization to the present. It is UNIQUE for its vision,  scope, and location on a hill; but even more relevant, it is created to Educate, Heal and Inspire generations to come!. It is our contribution to the creation of a better humanity! I welcome you to be a part of this unique journey!


About Kojo Yankah

Kojo Yankah - Milestones

Kojo Yankah is the Founder of the Pan African Heritage Museum. He is also founder and past President of the African University College of Communications in Accra, Ghana. He has served as Chairman of the Board of the Pan African Historical Theater Festival (PANAFEST) for 10 years (1997-2007), as well as Chair of the Ghana Heritage Conservation Trust (2008-2018). Prior to establishing a university, Kojo Yankah served as Editor of the National daily newspaper, the Daily Graphic and Director of the Ghana Institute of Journalism. He was Member of Parliament and Minister of State (1993-2000) in the Republic of Ghana. An unapologetic Pan Africanist, Kojo Yankah has toured all five continents and has authored 10 books. 

He is Currently writing his 11th book: “2020 The Pain & Faith in Our Motherland” to document the state of the Pan African world under a Coronavirus pandemic

He considers the Museum “a necessary legacy to the youth of the world”.


Our Aim


The Pan African Heritage Museum’s mission is to create an environment for people of African descent and all others to discover and experience the true history of the origins of humanity, the development of cultures and great civilizations of the Nile Valley that influenced the past, informs the present, and will shape the future, serving as an inspiration for generations to come.

Through the work of the Museum, all those of African descent will discover that they are heirs to a complex and rich inheritance. They will learn of their collective culture that created advanced-colonial kingdoms across Africa. Accomplished men and women leaders of African descent will become known to them, as well as a way of life that holds exceptional relevance today. Many will understand, for the first time, the extraordinary and creative contributions of African cultures and civilizations in world affairs.

The ultimate goal of the Museum is to provide the space for people of African descent to unlearn and relearn the true history, culture and civilization of Africa from the Origin of Humankind to the Present and to inspire the current generation. An architectural masterpiece reflecting traditional

African culture and 21st Century design, the Museum will be housed in a four-story building built on a stunning plateau, kilometers from Ghana’s capital city of Accra.

Our Mission

The Pan African Heritage Museum’s mission is to create an environment for people of African descent and all others to discover and experience the true history of the origins of humanity, the development of cultures and great civilizations of the Nile Valley that influenced the past, informs the present, and will shape the future, serving as an inspiration for generations to come.

Our Vision

The Pan African Heritage Museum’s vision is to become the perpetual site of pilgrimage for Africans, people of African descent, and others, for education, healing, and inspiration.

James Inedu-George

PAH Museum Designer

Mr. James Inedu George is a high-flying, creative and exceptionally  resourceful architect. Born on February 28, 1981, George is the Founder and Design Director of Hub City Ltd (HTL) Nigeria. He is a globally acknowledged designer with strong presence in Nigeria, Dubai, Melbourne and South Africa where his immediate focus is on Innovative Sustainable Solutions and Future Cities. Learn more from Source.

The Design

The unique design is the work of James Inedu-George, Designer of the Museum. 

The building’s unique form is in the shape of a Horn, which is synonymous with a trumpet, a musical instrument often used in religious ceremonies across many cultures. However, the Horn has special meaning in Africa’s ancient traditions and culture. In Africa, the Horn has historically been associated with the cow’s horn, the ram’s horn, and the elephant’s tusk, all representing great strength, yet great humility. 

The Horn

The African Horn is usually blown during special ceremonies signifying a message that something or someone great is coming. Choosing the Horn for the shape of our Museum will be a beacon to the Pan African family worldwide, representing the urgent call to gather ourselves in unity for true reconciliation and liberation.

The Gallery

PAHM Gallery

Exterior Designer

The interior galleries depict the history, arts, and culture of the Pan African world, complete with a 500-seat theater and conference facilities, the Museum will feature four exterior exhibits of educational importance:

  • Garden of Pan African Heroes & Heroines
  • Palace of Africa Kingdoms
  • Herbal Plant Farm (with Chalets)
  • International Community Outreach Center

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Honorary Patrons and Advisory Board Members are honorary appointees in the category of Kings, Queens, Heads of State, and Big Donors who support our cause. The administration of the Museum is entrusted to a 30-member International Board of Trustees appointed from various parts of the pan African world – North, South, West, East, Central Africa; North America; the Caribbean; South America. The Board operates under a TRUST DEED registered in Accra, Ghana. The Secretariat of the Museum in Accra is managed by an Executive Council established in accordance with the Trust Laws of Ghana which executes the mandate of the International Board. It is the Executive Council that directly supervises the management and operations of the Museum and its facilities

  • Honorary council of patrons
  • Honorary Advisory council
  • International Board of Trustees
  • International Academic Council
  • Curatorial Board
  • Executive Council

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